Wednesday, October 20, 2004


One of Those Days

So today is one of those days. One of those days when it seems so hard to smile, hard to keep the faith. This is in spite of being abundantly blessed by my Heavenly Father. In spite of knowing in my heart that I serve a Lord who wants to prosper me and not harm me. As I write this, I realize that I do not have the luxury of allowing any thoughts from the enemy to enter my mind. I am looking around my (very) messy house and loving every inch of it. I am watching the baby intently grabbing the pail and finally putting it over her head. I am watching a very inquisitive and sensitive 4-year old become totally engrossed in his LEGO play. I am listening to a husband straightening up the kitchen after dinner thereby giving me the means to write in this blog. I am incredibly blessed and my God is an Awesome God! He is truly the author of all that is good and right and His power and His mercy know no end. The truth is that over the course of this day I was able to help a hurting family minister to their teenager, have a great disussion with a local pastor who is incredibly supportive of my mission and is allowing me to have an office in his church, reconnect with a (paying) writing client and fellowship with a mommy friend whom I discovered has a passion for writing like I do. This has been a day created by God and in His goodness He has protected my family and I throughout from countless possible mishaps. I continue to grow in grace and truth as I wait in joyful hope for the Christ to return.

Victoria, I truly believe that when one is focused on giving out sometimes it is forgotten how necessary it is to refill. Women are especially prone to this, but anyone who ministers experiences it.

The Lord Jesus took time to "re-create" and relax in the homes of his friends, in the presence of His Father, and by refusing to be hurried along by well-meaning others.

There are times of rest between the many times of "doing". I believe our joy is cultivated in those times.
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